Does this sound familiar?

“What did you do in school today?”

“I dunno.”

“Do you have homework?”


“Shouldn’t you study for ___________.?”

“I left the stuff in my locker.”

Maybe it was just my boys, but I recall those conversations.

Maybe your student has missed several days of school for whatever reason, and you don't want them to fall behind.

Or possibly, your child wants to get their hands on anything they can because they know the value of their own mind.

With the introduction of the Magnolia Public Schools APP/Website, the potential to change that conversation, the ability to find those materials is here.

Yes. You can find the lunch menu, the date and time of the next sporting event, and even fun news from around the campus. Valuable information.

But the most valuable part of the new APP/Website is in the Teacher Pages.

Our teachers are now able to quickly and easily upload the documents and materials they are actually using in the classroom.

Our teachers can now quickly and easily inform parents and students about their daily plan, about their class requirements . . . and about their high expectations.

Your child’s potential is inside them.

And they can explore that potential . . .

From the palm of their hand.

If you have any questions about how Teacher Pages may be at work in your student's school, please call or email us. 

Just watch.